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At Cognifide, we’re one team made up of many groups of specialists. This should help you understand what they all do.

Technical Project Management

The project manager’s role is to deliver business value for the customer, keeping a balance between the expectations of the client and the needs of the project team. PMs are the people ultimately responsible for a project, making sure it hits key milestones and stays within scope. But they are also able to challenge the status quo, helping to solve problems and remove inefficiencies on the client side. To achieve all of that, they work with tools and processes based on best practice from PMI and Agile methodologies.

Software Development

Our applications are built with Java and C#; we create platforms based on Adobe and Sitecore content management systems. Alongside this, our software engineers also take care of the integration of external systems using microservices architecture. We use Java8, Groovy, OSGi, JCR, Vert.x, Consul, as well as ASP.NET MVC, IIS, MS SQL, and PowerShell too. Our agile teams work using Scrum and Kanban.

Front-end Development

Our front-end developers take care of the look of the project. Using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, and technologies such as AngularJS, Node.js or React.js, the UI team creates the final design of the user interface.

Quality Assurance

QA specialists make sure all our projects are of the highest quality. Every solution is checked to make sure it’s consistent with the functional specification and with efficiency, safety and accessibility requirements. As part of the project team, the QA engineer is responsible for quality from the planning phase onwards, taking into consideration best practices such as BDD, Shift Left, Session-Based Testing, Testing Pyramid or CI/CD.


The IT team is there to support Cognifide’s innovative approach. They handle all the technical aspects of our work, providing infrastructure, hardware, applications and safety support, and making sure the tools we use are up-to-date.

Systems Engineering

Our systems engineers implement the platforms we build for our clients. They take care of the security, performance, availability and other non-functional requirements to ensure that the platform is well-architected and will meet the clients needs now and in the future. They are also responsible for implementing all the software development lifecycle tools that we use to create and manage the software we write.

Product Engineering

This dedicated team of experts is responsible for the development of our products. They also evangelise other projects, and prepare and conduct workshops for clients. In addition, they support Cognifide’s innovative approach by running annual company-wide hackathons, open to all employees.

Platform Management

The Platform Management team works closely with our customers to support them and the solutions we’ve delivered after the end of the project. In their day-to-day work, this team manages incidents, changes and releases. They improve the performance of applications and provide support for users of complex architectures and environments. They follow the best practices enshrined in the ITIL methodology.

Support Team

HR, Finance, Marketing and Office Support – these are the unsung heroes who take care of the company’s operations. They are responsible for recruitment, organisational development, the work environment, communications, financial management and budgets. Without them, nothing else would get done.

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