Recruitment Process

It’s a five-step process, designed to be as straightforward as possible. It gives us the chance to assess your experience and aspirations, and you the opportunity to see whether Cognifide might be the place for you.

  • CV
    Send us your CV if you feel there’s a Cognifider in you! If you are successful at the application stage, we will contact you asap.
  • duration: 30 min
    next steps: 2-5 working days
    Call with Cognifide Recruiter
    We want to assess whether your experience and career aspirations are in line with the role responsibilities and Cognifide’s vision, needs, and values. You can expect an in-depth overview of our business and culture, learn about what you can expect from the role and get all your questions answered. More importantly, it’s your chance to decide if we are a good match for you!
  • duration: 1 hour
    1st Onsite Interview
    You will meet with the Hiring Manager and a member of the Talent team in our London office. If you have applied for a technical position, you might be asked to complete a technical test so we can assess the level of your technical abilities followed by a competency based interview.
    At this stage, you will:
    • have the opportunity to shine and showcase your skills, key achievements, and the depth and breadth of your knowledge and experience;
    • get the chance to ask all the questions about the role, the company, life at Cognifide etc.;
    • be able to catch a glimpse or our office and teams.
  • duration: 1 hour
    final decision: 2-5 working days
    Final Onsite Interview
    It is the last chance for you to impress and sweep us off our feet but also for you to ascertain if we are the perfect team for you. You will meet with a senior member of the team and our Director of Talent. This is the last opportunity for us to determine if you are ONE OF THE ONES!
  • Offer stage
    You have wowed us and we hope that we have impressed you too! Now you are just one signature away from becoming one of us! This time, you decide.

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