Our Teams in London

Cognifide’s London operation is made up of ten departments that work closely together, and with our teams elsewhere in the world. This guide explains who’s who and what they all do.

Client Services

Cognifide is all about helping our clients deliver great customer experiences, so we have to make sure we deliver a great experience to them. That’s the role of client services: to anticipate clients’ needs, understand them and respond to them, showing that we understand their business, their market, their challenges and their opportunities.

Client Strategy

When we talk about strategy at Cognifide, we mean platform and technology strategy. Our strategists ensure that we are constantly evolving and future-proofing the platforms we deliver, and they also look at how consumer trends are driving change and work out what this will mean. They help clients develop their roadmaps and provide the business case for change and investment, delivering tangible outputs and practical applications.

Professional Services

This team works with our clients to make sure they have the people, processes and operating models in place to maximise the value of the technical solutions we build for them. They also feed our engineering machine; specifying the right solution accurately, building it efficiently, then maintaining and evolving it. The team’s expertise covers: user/author experience, content, organisation, technology, data and insight, and training.

Programme Management

Programme Management handles the running of all our projects.  Our programme managers make sure we deliver against all our milestones while managing client’s expectations and making sure the project team is working smoothly. They will also be looking for potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies on the client side that might have an impact on the progress of the project.

Support Services

Our Support Services team handles systems management, end-user support and business-as-usual enhancements. The team combines system engineers, software developers, quality assurance and service co-ordinators who bring all three services together for our clients into a single experience. They work closely with the Service Operations team in Poland, giving our clients access to our most experienced engineers around the clock.


Engineering is at the heart of our business, and works closely with Programme Management, Project Management and Service Operations. The team focuses on delivering exceptional solutions for our clients, based on our technical expertise and our deep knowledge of the Adobe Experience Cloud and Sitecore’s Experience Platform.

Business Development & Partner Management

Business Development is the team responsible for finding new clients, understanding their needs and matching those against our skills and capabilities. They’re usually the first Cognifiders a client meets, so they’re responsible for establishing and maintaining the relationship, often beyond the handover to Client Services. The Partner Management team is the driving force behind our strategic alliances working with technology providers such as Adobe and Sitecore. They collaborate closely with our New Business Development and Marketing teams to grow mutually beneficial relationships with them as well as our WPP sister agencies.


Marketing is all about communications. They’re responsible for helping potential clients understand what we do, and what we can do for them. They also feed back what those potential clients are looking for into the conversations about our future strategy. And they make sure that every aspect of our communications fits with our brand and what we stand for as a business.

Support Team

HR, Finance and Office Support – these are the unsung heroes who take care of the company’s operations. They are responsible for recruitment, organisational development, the work environment, financial management and budgets. Without them, nothing else would get done.

Digital Academy

In our London office we run a 12 month graduate scheme, which we call our Digital Academy. Every year we take on 4 graduates, sending them out round the company on rotation to find out more about Cognifide and the elements that make up a digital business. Then they are introduced to clients as part of our Professional Services team. Academy graduates have the opportunity to become permanent members of the team as junior associates.