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Congratulations. We like the look of your CV, which means you’re one step closer to becoming one of this year’s Digital Academy Ninjas.

There’s nothing ordinary about Cognifide and the people who make it great, and we hope our recruitment process is far from ordinary too.
To help us find out whether you have what it takes, we want to get to know you a little better.
So here’s what comes next. We’re going to send you a task.

Task 1: Show us the person behind the CV

Let's face it, it doesn’t matter whether you use Instagram, SnapChat or Facebook – we all live in the age of video. We love to share who we are, where we’ve been, what we eat and what we wear.

So we think we should make use of your natural behaviour. Record a two- to three-minute clip telling us your story and explaining why you want to join the Academy. Then choose an example of a company, product or service and use it to explain your passion for digital.

Task 2: Show us how you think

We want your help. At Cognifide, our biggest competitive advantage is our people. We need to attract the brightest, smartest and most ambitious candidates to continue our success in the long term.

So your second task is to analyse the candidate experience provided by our website, with a special focus on recent graduates like yourself. Then tell us how you think it can be improved.

Visit our Work for Us section (and its sub-sections) and conduct an analysis of its usability, functionality and the quality of the content.

You should answer the following questions:

Is it providing the right information for recent graduates, in the right format?

What would you change and why? Recommend improvements by providing us with examples from relevant competitor websites.

What problems and challenges do you think we would face undertaking the changes you suggest?

Don’t hold back – we value constructive criticism.

How to present your results:
Think of us as your potential client - you’re trying to win our business. You can present your results back to us in whatever way you feel will be most effective, but please make sure you do so in a visually engaging and professional manner.

How to send us your submissions:
You have seven days to return your results to jobsuk@cognifide.com or upload below. Please make sure to send us your results for both tasks in one go. Make sure to include your name in the email or add it to the name of the file you're uploading.

Good luck!

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