Our recruitment process allows you to show us your unique skills and passion for digital.

Graduate recruitment process

Here’s how we recruit graduates for our Digital Academy.


Your CV tells us what qualifications you have, but that’s only half the story. So our recruitment process is intended to show us whether you have the analytical mind, commercial understanding, and passion for digital that every Cognifider shares.

It’s also intended to give you a sense of what working for Cognifide is all about. That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on our Assessment Day, when we bring you in to our office and set you tasks in teams with other applicants, to see how you respond to our way of working. It’s a day that’s always exciting because it’s when you start to see whether Cognifide might be the place for you.

This part of the process is even more important if your degree is in something other than computing. We’re happy to take graduates in other disciplines, but if we do, we need to make sure that you’re enthusiastic and determined enough to do the work needed to catch up. And you need to know whether you’re ready for the extra work too. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process.

  • CV
    Send us your CV if you want to become our next Digital Ninja!
  • Task
    We will review your CV asap. If we feel you have got what it takes, we will send you a task for completion.
  • Skype Interview
    If successful at the task stage, you will be invited to dial in to a Skype interview. It will only take 30 minutes.
  • Assessment Day
    You are nearly there! The Assessment Day is a great opportunity for you to meet the other candidates in our London office. You will take part in several group and individual tasks so we can see how you work in different set-ups.
  • Place in the Academy!
    You have made it! You have impressed us with your personality and capabilities throughout the entire recruitment process. If you feel the same about us, then accept our offer of employment and the place in this year’s academy is all yours!

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