Our Previous Graduates

Cognifide values diversity and strives to be inclusive. We know the benefits of bringing people together from different backgrounds, with different skills, ideas and opinions. Our Digital Academy is exactly the same; our Ninjas come from all walks of life. Here are some of their stories


Eric studied Business Studies and Management with Accounting at Brunel University, but he realised he’d made a big mistake when he did his placement year in corporate tax. A subsequent spell at New Look introduced him to the world of digital and he found his way to the Cognifide Digital Academy.

“All the projects I worked on had their own highlights,” he says. “You’re working with different developer teams every time, each with their own slightly different approach, so it’s always a learning experience.”

Eric is now working as a business analyst, supporting the client and the Cognifide development team in defining the requirements to be delivered.


Rich is from Newcastle and moved to London five years ago to study Computer Science with Business at Kingston University London. When he left university, Rich initially started a career in law, but his dissertation in business analysis had sparked a passion for digital marketing and technology.
At the Digital Academy, Rich found himself learning fast. Within two weeks he was doing client work for a major FMCG business. Then, while working in client services for a well-known audio brand, the client services director on the project left, so Rich became the UK contact.

“It was daunting at first,” he says, “but I got great support from the team in Poznań. There was a lot of responsibility, but they had so much trust in me that I never felt like I was going to buckle.” 

Rich is currently working with two clients. As a business analyst, he is helping a major management consultancy develop, refine and optimise its new digital platform on AEM. And he’s a business ops model consultant on a platform project for an FMCG company, looking after post-go-live activities and helping the client’s brand team to take full advantage of the potential of their platform.


Ryan studied English and History, prior to the revelation that romance wouldn't pay the rent. He pivoted towards a conversion Masters in Electronic Business, which cultivated his interest in digital. But he lacked confidence in his own abilities.
“From day one the Digital Academy felt like a perfect fit,” he says. “The first few months of rotations were fantastic for letting you find out what you might want to do. Then in the second half of the year I began to get comfortable with what I wanted to do, and what I could do.”
“The Digital Academy is as much about personal development as it is about professional learning,” he says.

Ryan is working on a project for one of the UK’s biggest consumer goods manufacturers. He’s also focused on an internal project creating a completely new end-to-end service for Cognifide around content migration.


Yanni studied Economics in sunny Greece before the economy fell apart. This led him to pursue his lifelong interest in technology by completing a Masters in Management and Information Systems at Cranfield University, where he also learned to complain about the weather in order to blend in.
“The most interesting thing for me about the Digital Academy was that I spent a lot of time with the developers, so I understand the way they want to get requirements delivered to them. It means I can speak the language of business, but I know the technical terms as well.”
Yanni is the main Cognifide business analyst for a large automotive project, taking care of UX and functional requirements, work that has already won him praise from the client.


Michael is from Gloucestershire. He studied IT Management for Business and knew the digital technology scene in London would be the right place for him. But he was surprised by what stood out during his rotation period at the Academy.

“My biggest highlight was spending time in marketing; organising and attending events. Business analytics and consulting are still my career path, but marketing forced me out of my comfort zone and made me do something I wouldn’t normally do.”

Michael is now working as a digital experience analyst with a large corporate client, working with the developers to bring the designers’ visions for their website and digital platform to life.