Career Start Up

Career Start Up in Poland

In our office in Poznań, we run a three-month Graduate Scheme known as Career Start Up. You’ll have the opportunity to work with specialists in one of our technical practices and gain valuable experience.

Induction Training (weeks one and two)

The first two weeks involve training and workshops where we get to know each other. We share our knowledge about products, processes and best practices to provide you with a solid start.

On the job training (weeks three to six)

This is the most intensive phase of Career Start Up. You’ll have a chance to work on a business project and to achieve some personal goals. You’ll also take part in our internal training program which supports you in extending both your technical knowledge and your softer skills and teamwork. Your mentor and line manager will be with you at every step of the way.

Feedback (weeks seven to ten)

The last few weeks of this adventure are all about feedback. We’ll highlight your strengths and sum up your achievements, readying you to move towards your own personal goals.

Graduate (weeks 11 and 12)

Graduation from Career Start Up makes you a Cognifide engineer and gives you the opportunity to become a permanent full or part-time member of the team.
I really appreciated the feedback that I got during the recruitment process. Then, when I started as an intern, I felt like an important part of the team and responsible for the tasks assigned to me.
Kaja, Java Intern in 2016
The world of technology is not about stereotypical, introverted computer geeks anymore. These days you need soft skills and business skills to really play a part in the team.
Norbert, Service Operations Intern 2015-2017