Work for us


Everyone who’s joined Cognifide is always struck by how nice everyone is. Truly. We call ourselves Cognifiders and we look after each other, challenge each other and flourish together. We encourage ideas and development, supporting each other to be the best we can be.

Cognifide culture

Our culture is a common behaviour that we live by. It benefits us all, and in turn it benefits the clients we work for.

We keep things simple, we trust and respect each other, we share responsibility and give everyone a chance to challenge and improve things. We focus on what’s important, without distraction, and we deliver craftsmanship, built on our collective skill, experience and attention to detail.

Work and fun

We work hard and play hard here at Cognifide. And although we have fun every day in the office, we also make sure that we get together occasionally for some proper time out. Our One Cognifide Day is an annual celebration of everything Cognifide. It takes place at our office in Poznań and everyone is invited. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know colleagues from across the globe and to take time out from the everyday to socialise and have fun.

Sustainability at Cognifide

It’s not all about us. We care passionately about the communities and the environment that we live in and actively encourage each and every Cognifider to play a part in our undertaking to be good citizens.
We look after our colleagues, promoting a healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly habits, and we try to make a difference in the lives of others through our initiatives in education and the community.

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