Our people

There's one reason for our exceptional results, and that's our exceptional people.


The Cognifide Difference

If there's one thing we keep hearing from clients, it's how much they enjoyed working with our people here at Cognifide.

We're a friendly bunch, and we really listen. We don't try to take over your operations. Instead, we become part of your team and we work together to find the best solutions for you and your business.

Our people really are what make the difference here at Cognifide. We're a dedicated lot, each and every one of us bringing unique expertise and experience to the team. But we're also nimble. We're not set in our ways; instead, we adapt what we do and how we work to make sure we get the best results, every time.

No Borders

We have offices in London, New York and Johannesburg and our development centre is in Poznan, Poland.

Collectively, we deliver the highest standards of expertise and professionalism to our clients, without losing our sense of fun and dynamism.

No Boundaries

We're a dynamic, ageless team, from international graduates right up to industry leaders with years of experience under their belt.

But you won't find a hierarchical structure in our offices. Each and every one of us has the opportunity to carve out their role, to find new ways to solve challenges, to develop and innovate, and to grow our business and that of our clients.

Sharing Our Success

One thing that we all have in common is the desire to share our success. That’s true of our collaborative nature, Cognifide is a team, there are no egos and we all care about giving something back – to our communities, to education and to our environment.

We support each others’ charitable efforts, we encourage new sustainability initiatives and we give our time, not just our money, to help make a difference.

Leadership Team

  • Miro Walker
    Chief Executive Officer
    Miro co-founded Cognifide 10 years ago. He is a Marketing Technologist who helps businesses accomplish amazing feats online.
  • Stuart Dean
    Chief Operating Officer
    As co-founder of Cognifide, Stuart provides operational leadership, guiding the company’s evolution as it grows.
  • Ray Kane
    Chief Growth Officer
    Chief Growth Officer with 30+ years of digital experience. Life and Soul of the party - 25:7
  • Cleve Gibbon
    Chief Marketing Technology Officer
    Cleve is passionate about finding innovative ways in which your business can get the most from content and technology.
  • Andrew Martin
    Chief Financial Officer
    Andrew guides Cognifide to year-on-year growth, managing commercial and operational development and contract negotiation.
  • Alexandra Anders
    Director of Talent
    Alexandra is an internationally experienced HR Professional responsible for our most valuable asset: our people!
  • Marcin Stanczyk
    Managing Director
    Marcin is expert in managing projects and people and supports the integration of Cognifide’s technical and customer-facing centres.
  • Albert Cenkier
    Technology Director
    With 14 years of experience in Content Management Systems, Albert leads Cognifide’s engineering division and deepens technical partner relationships.
  • Ewa Lusiak-Jedra
    Finance Director
    Ewa oversees Finance, HR and Administration departments in Poznan and cares passionately about sustainability across all our operations.