We’ll take your digital plan and make it a reality. We’ll build your platform, integrate your technologies, publish your content and test the lot.


Platform Build

The building blocks

Your new digital ecosystem will most likely be made up of a range of technologies. We’ll wire them together into one single, shiny new digital platform. We’ll manage the platform development using agile methodologies (which means it’ll be up and running faster, and able to adapt to change) and we’ll prioritise the development of platform features based on your business needs.

Our platform build is the implementation of your new technology solution.

System Integration

Adding more technology

You may need to plug a number of third party systems into your platform, like eCommerce, booking applications or CRM systems.

We’ll plan, design and implement the integration of all these technologies. And we’ll make sure the finished product is flexible and allows for growth.

Our system integration brings all the technology together, happily.


Making measurement possible

Once you go live, you’ll need to quantify and demonstrate business success by tracking what your users do.

We’ll integrate web and mobile analytics into your digital platform so you can gather the data to do that. We’ll use well-defined measurement frameworks and put in place the technical foundations you’ll need to keep measurement and optimisation at the heart of your digital business.

Our analytics bakes measurement into your platform.

Site Production

Planning your sites

You’ll most likely need multiple websites, landing pages and microsites across multiple regions, territories and languages. We’ll create the framework to make this production quick and easy.

We’ll define the standards and policies, and we’ll set up the tools and technologies that you’ll need. From there, you’ll be able to create rich and consistent sites when you need them, as you need them. Even if it’s last minute.

Our site production and digital asset management puts the right building blocks in place for when you need them.

Content Migration

Moving your content

Digital content and the places it lives are always changing. We’ll plan how to move your content, then we’ll manage the process.

We’ll analyse what you have, look at what you need and find where the gaps are. We’ll set up a process for migration, and manage this from start to finish.

Our content migration puts the right things in the right places in the right way.


Making sure it all works

As we develop your digital platform, create your websites, integrate your technologies and publish your content, we’ll be testing at every step of the way.

We’ll test strategy and production. We’ll test user acceptance and accessibility. And we’ll test different browsers and devices.

Then we’ll do some more. We’ll plan and support your site launches. We’ll carry out periodic site audits and NFR assessments. And we’ll perform automated regression maintenance.

Our testing keeps the light green.

Project Management

With new technical projects underway you’ll need someone to make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ll handle the entire process, and we’ll make sure you know about all progress and developments.

You’ll have a single point of contact who understands your business, your projects and your goals in detail. They’ll keep everything moving, report on progress and manage any risks or issues.

Our project management will deliver your digital projects effectively and efficiently.

Keeping the wheels oiled.