We’ll take you every step of the way to digital transformation. We’ll assess your business, your technologies and your performance, then we’ll build a plan to make them better.


Planning for success

Making the decision to implement a digital strategy is only the first step in your digital transformation journey. As with most strategic choices, once the strategy has been agreed, the really tricky part is effective execution. That’s where Cognifide can help. We have worked with some of the world’s leading organisations to plan and deliver executable digital strategies for real business success.

Our team of consultants and digital thought leaders can help you in four key areas:

Digital strategy

Defining an executable strategy

The Digital Ecosystem is our proven approach to delivering success. It’s a framework for executing your digital strategy, and it’s tailored to every client’s unique goals. We can help you to define your vision and strategy. We work with you to assess your current state and define your optimal roadmap to success. We help you define the technology and content strategy you’ll need to succeed, and detail the capabilities (both internally and within your agencies) that you will need to deliver it.


Tracing a path to success

The success of any strategy is defined by how well it delivers on the outcomes you have set out to achieve. Being able to measure, and benchmark your progress is critical to ensure you are steering towards success and retaining buy-in from your stakeholders.

We can help you to design and implement measurement frameworks that can demonstrate clear correlation between your digital strategy and business outcomes. This includes measurement of factors such as the performance of your technical platforms, effectiveness of your content, efficiency, speed to market, as well as the effectiveness of the participants in your ecosystem, such as agencies and content creators.

Architecture and governance

Bringing it all together

With your executions strategy and metrics for success defined you will need to understand execution capabilities and approaches you need to empower rapid, quality decision-making. Clear architecture and governance is particularly important in an ecosystem approach, where you are engaging both internal and external participants. This is where Cognifide are the experts. We can help you design your technical platform and content architecture, undertake migration between technical platforms, implement governance frameworks and drive adoption by your ecosystem partners. This includes the training, tools, processes and technologies required to help you execute with agility.

Operating models

Becoming an agile digital business

With your platform in place, your organisation needs to be ready for continuous execution. The key to becoming an agile digital business is how well you can transform your processes to get the most of your delivery platform. It’s also how you make sure you stay at the forefront of delivering excellent customer experiences. We can help you plan your content operating model to ensure your experiences remain fresh, relevant, and responsive.

We can empower your own teams to implement Agile delivery models and demand management approaches that ensure continuous improvements to the delivery of your customer experiences. We also help you develop agency engagement models to manage the portfolio of third party agencies in your ecosystem and ensure they are delivering with the same levels of quality and agility as your in-house teams.

"It was so reassuring to work with a company that had the depth of knowledge to confidently meet the requirements and do so with good humour."