We’ve won the first ever VOCalis award!

Digital Clarity Group has spoken to our customers through their industry leading research programme

VOCalis Award

There’s no better recommendation for a product or service than that of a happy customer! That’s why we decided to take part in Digital Clarity Group’s VOCalis programme. VOCalis, literally - Voice Of the Customer - is an expansive global programme that, to date, has captured feedback on more than 40 agencies from the leaders of hundreds of companies managing Adobe Experience Manager projects.

Having put our neck on the line, we’re therefore delighted that we’ve come out on top. Yes, Digital Clarity Group has singled out Cognifide as the best-rated Adobe Experience Manager implementation partner globally. They’ve also marked this achievement with the presentation of the first ever VOCalis award.

Happy Customers

Digital Clarity Group and VOCalis

Digital Clarity Group bolsters success in digital projects by helping their clients to choose the right high-performance partners. Its guidance draws on deep experience with vendor and digital partner selections and on its role as industry analyst, covering the technology and management of customer experience.

VOCalis is their proprietary research programme that uses customer feedback to bring transparency to the performance of digital agencies and systems integrators. The VOCalis methodology captures companies’ experiences with agencies like Cognifide, aggregates customer input, and uses proprietary scoring algorithms to rate them on performance with specific vendor products.

customer experience

So how did we do? 

According to the research, 73% of Cognifide customers rated our overall performance on completed projects as very good or outstanding.  This is 2.8 times higher than the average for other Adobe Global Alliance and Premier Partners. No customers indicated dissatisfaction with our service or performance – a remarkable achievement that, according to Digital Clarity Group, separates us from our competitors.

We were particularly proud to be called out for our empathy and understanding of our customers’ needs. Technical delivery is, after all, only part of the equation. Without a clear understanding of business goals and drivers, successful implementation is not only hard to achieve but almost impossible to measure. It’s great to know that our clients think that’s what makes us stand out from the crowd.

“We’re delighted to present our first VOCalis award to Cognifide, thereby acknowledging the firm’s excellence in implementing a leading platform for experience management. The award serves not only as a symbol of DCG’s confidence in Cognifide, but also as a seal of approval from their recent customers.  As we work to help customers make informed decisions about digital partners every day, we are proud to recommend Cognifide based on their excellent body of work with Adobe Experience Manager.”
Scott Liewehr, CEO, Digital Clarity Group