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Software products

A great customer experience is built on a great author experience. We focus on giving you a rich author experience so that you can focus on innovating for your customers.

We believe that the key to delivering rich and relevant experiences that stand the test of time is to refine the author experience, so that authors can continually evolve and adapt experiences in line with customer behaviour and expectation. Since we created the first ever site build accelerator for Adobe Experience Manager, we’ve concentrated relentlessly on delivering easy-to-use, accessible tools that put content creators in the driving seat, while enabling the clear governance processes that result in well managed content.

Licenced products

Content management systems provide some fantastic out-of-the-box features. But we believe in making things even easier for your teams. With products that focus on accelerating initial site build and driving content velocity during the in-life phase, we have a range of licencing models to suit your budget and your needs.

Software maintenance

Our software maintenance service ensures that you always have access to the latest versions of our products. You can sign up to this service to suit your needs; either on an annual, two or three year deal to ensure you have access to the newest patches, features and compatibility upgrades. If you couple this with digital platforms or upgrade assurance services, we will implement these on your platform.

Product customisations

We know that every business is different and that software is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer bespoke additions to our products, whether closed or open source. We tailor our solution to your business so we offer options for outright purchase, joint investment and even profit share. We’ll twin this with on-going software maintenance if that also works for you.

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