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Programme management

The backbone of any technology or transformational programme project, great management will bring your programme to life effectively, cost efficiently and on time.

Orchestrating a digital programme is a complex business. Even experienced teams can run into problems, including missed deadlines, unplanned cost increases or a drop in team morale or stakeholder confidence.

So it’s essential that your project is driven by an expert, entirely focused on getting it right. They’ll have a deep understanding of your business goals and the roadmap that you’ve laid out to achieve those goals. They’ll know exactly how to prioritise the development of capabilities and they’ll guide you through combining our services to build these capabilities for your business.

They’ll manage your budget and your third party suppliers and ensure that you are kept up to speed with regular reporting. And if you do hit a problem, our expert team will audit, stabilise and rebaseline the programme, guiding it to successful delivery.

Programme delivery

We manage the delivery of your new business capabilities, whether on a brand new platform or on your existing platform. We look at technology implementation and organisational change as a whole, so you’ll never be left with shiny new technology, without new ways of working to make the most of it. We work with you to define the engagement model that suits you best, then we identify the risks and dependencies across your programme and agree on a reporting system that helps you to engage your stakeholders and manage their expectations.

Supplier management and ways of working

Most digital programmes require a team made up of various specialist skill sets, so, at any one time, you’ll probably be working with multiple delivery partners. We provide end-to-end management of those third parties and your internal teams and we have years of experience in building strong working relationships and fostering effective collaboration.

Benefits delivery

It’s one thing to deliver a new capability but ensuring that you derive the maximum benefit to your business from that capability is another. Many organisations focus on building capability after capability but never really see the return. By defining your value framework with our strategy team at the outset, our programme managers can ensure that the delivery of those capabilities is prioritised to deliver maximum value and planned against a critical path in line with your KPIs. We manage the transition of capabilities to your operations team and help you to embed them in the organisation.

Programme recovery

Sometimes our engagements begin, not necessarily by design, but because a programme has run into difficulty. Our experts will step in and conduct a thorough and independent audit to assess the overall health of the project. We identify high risk areas and plan and execute a recovery strategy. Once we’re back on the roadmap and your stakeholders are happy once again, we’ll build in some programme controls to ensure that things stay on track.

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