Zen Garden Features

Explore how Zen Garden can change the way your business uses Adobe Experience Manager.

Zen Garden is way more than just a site build accelerator. It offers a vast number of capabilities throughout development and into the in-life phases of your projects. Its modular architecture allows you to make use of exactly the features you need, while skipping the ones you don’t.

Site production acceleration

New brochureware websites can be created from scratch completely out of the box thanks to the editable layouts, flexible site structure and components.

Content entry simplification

With low-level day-to-day enhancements for authors like ctrl+click switcher or shortcuts, content entry can be done much more efficiently.

Front-end agency enablement

Experience design agencies can provide UX-related CSS & Javascript updates, without the need for any AEM knowledge or access to the environments.

Streamlined third-party integrations

Todays web experiences demand highly functional web sites that require multiple 3rd party integrations. These integrations are made much easier using Zen Garden’s built in ‘Blocks’ and ‘Bridge’ functionality.

Search engine & Analytics integration

SEO requirements and capabilities are already prebuilt into Zen Garden site templates, and a sitemap.xml can be dynamically generated. DTM integration is easier with a dedicated Tracking layer.

Business processes for operating AEM

Having a broad range of technical features is all well and good but you need a clear understanding of how to use them. Zen Garden can enable you to use Cognifide’s well tested operational methods for design, content entry, site assembly and AEM operations.

Find out how Zen Garden might help your business

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