Open Source Tools

Over the years Cognifide has developed a range of tools to make the job of building digital experiences faster, easier and more reliable. We make many of these tools available to everyone via open source.

Cognifide Labs is where our developers publish and maintain a range of open source tools, with links to nearly 50 different repositories on Github, containing over 400,000 lines of code. These tools are used in Cognifide projects, but are also available to your developer teams. Our biggest project has over 90,000 lines of code. Below you’ll find of some of the key open source tools published by our developer teams. If you’re interested in adopting any of these tools within your own business we can show you how to best apply them to improve the way you work.


Change the way you test, transform the way you work. AET tackles the problem of delivering fast, continuous, and meaningful site testing, no matter how large your web estate is. It’s a highly efficient visual pattern testing tool, able to test dozens of pages in minutes - eliminating consuming tasks which could take hours or even days. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to transition your development teams to continuous delivery.


Bobcat is an automated testing framework for the functional testing of web applications. It was developed by Cognifide, specifically for Adobe Experience Manager, and implemented in Java, allowing you to utilise the same set of skills for quality assurance as you use for site build. Bobcat eliminates the need for manual testing by mimicking the behaviour of real users and can reduce your test workload from days to just hours.


If your digital experiences rely on multiple back-end services, you’ll be familiar with the complexity of bringing together different programming languages, technologies and service types. Knot.x is a highly innovative solution that applies a microservices architecture, allowing all the separate services within your customer experience to be managed independently. It takes on the heavy lifting of bringing multiple services together, allowing your CMS to focus on what it does best; managing content and efficiently delivering digital experiences. With Knot.x you can deliver sophisticated, high-performance experiences at global scale.

Cog Gears

Great developers don’t build everything from scratch, they are masters at orchestrating tested code and focusing their energies on creating new value. The Cog Gears toolbox is a repository of tested tools that reduce project set-up times and eliminate common tasks and challenges that are encountered across all AEM projects. Cog Gears includes a growing number of open source tools and libraries that are free for you to use, or even to contribute code towards. All of these tools are available for download from the Cognifide Github repository.

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