Content agility tools

Our content agility tools are designed to optimise the end-to-end process of delivering customer experiences at scale.

Our deep understanding of AEM is unmatched and we’re continually recognised by Adobe and the industry for our experience and expertise. When we released Zen Garden, the world’s first accelerator for AEM, we had no idea of the impact that it would have and the legacy that it would leave.

Zen Garden has given rise to a new set of AEM tools that give you greater agility and efficiency, so that you can constantly update and improve the experiences that you are delivering to your customers.

Creative Exchange

An Adobe Experience Manager extension created by Cognifide, enabling front-end developers to change a site’s user experience without needing any knowledge of AEM, nor any access to the platform.


An Adobe Experience Manager module that extends the platform, making it easier to create the components that build great customer experiences.


Based on the concept of Adobe’s Experience Fragments, these ‘design blocks’ build reusable design systems to boost agility and consistency.


An Adobe Experience Manager module that allows you to surface external data from any source within a set of existing components.

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