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At Cognifide we are constantly working to streamline, accelerate and automate the digital production process.

By doing this we can deliver increasing value to clients by focusing our developers on work that delivers real differentiation and business value.

In addition to licensed software, such as Zen Garden, our teams have developed an extensive range of development tools and accelerators, many of which we have made available to clients and the wider developer community free of charge via open source. To date Cognifide has released nearly half a million lines of open source code.

Zen Garden

Zen Garden was the world’s first production accelerator for Adobe Experience Manager. Zen Garden was originally designed to enable clients to dramatically increase the speed of site build, often by up to 80%. Today it has evolved to become much more than a production accelerator. Zen Garden simplifies the authoring process, enabling non-technical authors to manage site content without the need for developer intervention. By standardising a large proportion of your code base, it also simplifies platform upgrades and ongoing management.

Sitecore Experience Accelerator

The Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) has its roots as the Zen Garden for Sitecore, and as such was the world’s first production accelerator for Sitecore. Since then, the technology has been embedded within the Sitecore offering. SXA standardises many of the most commonly used tasks in site build, accelerating delivery, and simplifying the in-life authoring process. This means that it’s much quicker and easier for non-technical teams to rapidly implement changes in your web experience, without the need to involve developers.

Open Source Tools

When you choose Cognifide you’re plugging into decades of the accumulated experience of some of the world’s best digital technologists. Our teams are continually improving processes and automating time consuming or repetitive tasks with a range of automation tools. This is how we ensure that every Cognifide project is delivered on time and to the highest standards. Sharing this expertise with clients and the wider developer community, via open source, is one of the things that makes Cognifide different.

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