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Digital platforms

We are digital engineering specialists, with world-leading expertise in designing, building and operating technology platforms, and managing digital projects.

When you work with Cognifide, you’re plugging into the accumulated experience of some of the world’s leading digital experts. For over a decade we have engineered experience platforms for some of the world’s leading enterprises. Along the way we have achieved a number of world firsts, including the development of the first production accelerator for both Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Sitecore; the first multi-channel AEM mobile implementation for Investec; the first fully integrated Adobe Experience Cloud implementation for Ford and the first integration of AEM with Test-and-Target for Skype.

We are a certified Adobe Enterprise Solution Partner and a Sitecore Platinum Solution Partner. We are also recipients of a number of awards, including the first ever Digital Clarity Group VOCalis award.

Platform advisory services

We provide a selection of services to help you make the right decisions about your marketing technology. Understanding your business strategy and goals, we audit your existing platforms to determine the gaps in your existing capabilities. We’ll design a new architecture that will give you these capabilities and help you to establish new best practices in software development.

Then we work with you to decide which blend of agile engagement models best suits your business.

Fixed price, fixed scope

Working with you on a fixed price, fixed scope basis, we provide you with a new technology platform, taking on the risk of delivery. We work with you to define an implementation roadmap, which we’ll adjust as necessary as we deliver the project, all using our own best practice tools and processes and with delivery governance built in.

This model will suit you best if you are building a new platform from scratch, you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and you have secured the budget to do it.

Velocity based agile delivery

In this scenario, we provide you with a team that will provide a consistent set of story points, on an on-going basis, for as long as you need them. We’ll use our tools and development practices but we’ll tailor them to your business and we’ll work alongside your existing team if that works best for you.

Velocity based, agile delivery is an approach we would typically use after an initial go live when you would like to add new capabilities. You’ll have full control over your priorities and scope, while we guarantee the outcomes.

Team augmentation

This is ideal for situations in which you wish to maintain control over the nature of the delivery, but you need deep technical experience to help make it happen.

Essentially you are hiring resource, which we can supply either on-site or working from one of our Cognifide offices. This is a great solution when you have a strong in-house team that needs additional resource for a fixed period of time.

Delivery governance

Already built into our fixed price, fixed scope services, delivery governance can be bolted onto velocity based agile engineering or time and materials engineering services, or be provided as a stand alone service for your in-house development team. You’ll have the reassurance of expert oversight, ensuring that your team are aligned around your pre-defined goals.

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