Digital operations and enablement

No matter how good your tech is, the success of your experience platform investment will be measured by how well it’s used.

Building a technical platform is simply not enough. That’s why we help some of the world’s biggest brands to fundamentally change the way that they work. We design and implement best-practice operating models so that their business users and agency partners can take greater ownership, deliver faster, work more efficiently and be creatively innovative.

We guide your in-house teams on how to grow their skills with training and rich support materials. We help you to implement the methods, technology and toolsets that we’ve refined over years of delivering digital programmes. We train content authors and agencies to use your platform more effectively and in-house developers to improve their expertise and ways of working.

Operating model

Making the most of your new digital experience platform will require new skills and ways of working. We help you to define and implement the capabilities that you need to operate effectively and efficiently. By building an understanding of how your organisation works, we identify any current pain points and design a future operating model, outlining the new structures and roles that you’ll need to get there.

Local market operations

With scale comes complexity which is why we work with organisations to help them optimise the rollout of a new digital platform across geographies, brand portfolios and business networks. We analyse the market landscape to identify which markets or brands are in the best state of readiness, before prioritising a rollout plan. We adapt and localise tools and templates to individual needs and provide specific onboarding support and guidance for local or brand teams.

Operations enablement

Getting your business teams up to speed with a sophisticated and powerful digital experience platform is not simply a case of running a one-off training workshop. Business users need on-going support and easy to understand reference materials. That’s where we can help by running training and producing documentation or video guides, easily accessible from a central, self-service platform enablement hub.

Operational governance

Balancing agility and speed of execution with the right amount of control is tough. To implement practical governance, you need oversight at a global and local level, with workflows in place to aid decision making, ensure timely approvals and raise any escalations. We help to define the roles and authority involved, by region and by discipline. We turn governance into process, ensuring that just the right amount of rigour is built into your workflows, without impeding your performance.

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