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Platform management

We live in a fast-moving world. It doesn’t matter how good your digital platform is when you go live; new opportunities, new ideas and new challenges will mean your requirements will constantly evolve.

Our aim is to build you a platform that will make you self sufficient, if that’s what you want. However, many organisations just don’t have the in-house skills to manage the day-to-day issues and, quite frankly, would rather we managed the platform for them.

Even if you have a highly skilled in-house team, you may, from time-to-time need to make enhancements that require greater resources. Perhaps you’re considering moving to a continuous delivery model, or you need support to bring new in-house or agency teams on to your platform. Or perhaps you are looking to have expert monitoring, management and reporting to provide advice proactively on how your platform could be improved.

We provide a suite of expert services to support the operation and enhancement of your digital platform. With us looking after some of the more operational tasks, you can focus on managing really pressing issues as they arise. You can choose to have support in place around the clock. Or just during business hours, but either way, you’ll have direct access to some of our most skilled and experienced engineers and service managers.

Platform operations

A complete “keeping the lights-on service covering the availability, performance and security of your platform. This service is specifically designed to enable the fast, reliable, repeatable change needed for today’s continuous development and continuous deployment.

Platform support and development

A flexible service covering ad-hoc tasks, author/editor and IT support and  ‘development-on-demand’. It can be used either in conjunction with Platform Operations or as a standalone service. We work with you to determinean allocation of hours per month, that are drawn upon to fulfil any requests you may have.

Upgrade assurance

Technology upgrades are an inevitable part of maintaining your digital experience platform, but can represent significant one-off costs. With our upgrade assurance service, you can smooth out the peaks and troughs of upgrading with a flat monthly fee that includes maintaining and upgrading your Adobe Experience Manager or Sitecore platform.

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