Experience platform migration

Digital programmes often place most emphasis on the build phase of their projects, but setting up your new environment, migrating content and going live is where your experience platform comes to life.

A carefully thought out and well-managed content strategy and migration can mean the difference between going live on time and within budget or being hit by delays, errors, rollbacks and costly rework. Content is also costly, so you need to ensure you have the capability in place to measure the performance and ROI of your content. We have developed a range of services that improve data structure, automate infrastructure build, accelerate the content migration process and ensure you have a clear picture of the return on your content investment.

Content Analysis and Review

A comprehensive and objective review of your digital content that identifies current performance and suitability. For example, how well existing content delivers your intended messages and calls to action. We will also make recommendations for establishing a content ‘pipeline’ to ensure you achieve your ongoing marketing and communications objectives.

Content Migration Strategy

Content migration is more than a simple lift-and-shift exercise. It’s an opportunity to streamline the content, improve structure and efficiency and repurpose existing material so that it’s ready for use across multiple digital channels. A content migration strategy identifies the optimal migration methods for your content and structures it to deliver the best return on your content investment.

Content migration and clean up

Manual content migration can be time-consuming and costly, and can import errors from your legacy platform as well as introducing new ones. Using our automated tools we are able to increase the speed of content migration dramatically, as well as cleaning up the content so that it’s more clearly structured, improving both site performance and search visibility.

Go Live

Go Live is the moment of truth. If things go wrong, there’s a serious risk of damaging your customer experience and your brand. At Cognifide we ensure a successful Go Live. Using our standardised Go Live checklists we ensure that everything is always under control.

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