Experience platform design and build

We are digital engineering specialists, with world-leading expertise in designing, building and operating technology platforms, and managing digital projects.

We are a certified Adobe Enterprise Solution Partner and a Sitecore Platinum Solution Partner. We are also recipients of the first ever Digital Clarity Group VOCalis award.

When you work with Cognifide, you’re plugging into the accumulated experience of some of the world’s leading digital experts. For over a decade we have engineered experience platforms for some of the world’s leading enterprises. Along the way we have achieved a number of world firsts, including the development of Zen Garden, the world’s first production accelerator for both Adobe Experience Manager and Sitecore; the world’s first multi-channel Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) mobile implementation; and the world’s first integration of AEM with Adobe Target.

Project management

Digital projects are complex, so expert project and programme management is often the difference between success and failure. At Cognifide we are experts in combining agile delivery methodologies within strict time and budget constraints. Our project managers are professionals with a deep understanding of the complexities of digital delivery for global brands.

CMS Solution Architecture

CMS Solution Architecture identifies and describes the end-to-end high level technology components needed to address the business problems and requirements of your Experience Platform Strategy. It provides a technical overview of the core technology components of a CMS and the role it will need to play in your wider technology ecosystem.

Design Assurance

As experience platforms become more sophisticated, they can deliver increasingly rich experiences. However, good designers will always test the limits of platform capability, resulting in costly and time consuming re-work when those limits are exceeded. Our design assurance service works closely with designers to ensure their designs are "platform-ready". Whether this be the customer-facing UI, author experience (AX) interface or content architecture; design assurance helps to ensure your designs can be executed quickly and efficiently.

Localisation Services

Centralising global web platforms can offer a number of advantages in terms of efficiency and control, but local market adoption can often be hampered by the inability to accommodate local market requirements. Our localisation services help you to plan for country specific requirements, empowering local teams to remain distinctive and relevant, while still ensuring speed of deployment, efficiency and retention of global brand standards.

Infrastructure design and build

The foundation of any experience platform rests on expertly designed and configured infrastructure. Our system engineers have a deep understanding of what it takes to design, build and manage the infrastructure to host your experience platform, whether on dedicated servers or in the Cloud. Years of experience mean we are able to have your environment up and running in hours instead of weeks.

Experience Platform design and build

Cognifide is a certified partner in both the Adobe and Sitecore Experience Clouds, the world’s leading customer experience technologies. In addition, we have decades of experience in designing and implementing experience platforms using a broad range of other digital technologies. Our world-class engineering teams, innovative acceleration tools such as Zen Garden, and use of agile methodologies, mean you can be up and running quickly, while retaining the flexibility to adapt to change.

Systems integration

The best digital experiences enable customers to do exactly what they want, when they want. Inevitably this means integrating back-end systems such as CRM, ERP, commerce or product information systems into online transactions. Using tools such as Knot.X and custom connectors we can integrate a huge range of back-end systems and services seamlessly into your experience platform

Site production

Your digital experience platform will probably need to support multiple brands, products, landing pages and microsites, across multiple regions, languages and channels. We create frameworks to make production quick and easy. Using common standards and policies, and tools such as Zen Garden, you are free to create rich and consistent sites exactly when you need them.

Analytics implementation

Delivering real business value lies at the heart of our Invest – Realise – Multiply approach. As part of your digital strategy you will have defined your metrics for success. Our analytics implementation services bake measurement into your platform by integrating web and mobile analytics tools, tags, processes and dashboards. Using well-defined measurement frameworks and technical foundations you can measure success every step of the way and use your data to continually improve the customer experience.

Quality assurance services

Testing and quality assurance is where we really shine. We invest significant time and expertise in developing our own open source tools such as AET and Bobcat to ensure rapid and continuous testing. Not only does this speed up project delivery, it also enables you to develop and integrate new offerings continuously, meaning you can respond rapidly to a changing world.

User Acceptance Testing

While quality assurance ensures that your code meets rigorous quality requirements, UAT makes sure your project fulfills your business requirements. Our UAT service ensures that the correct stakeholders are involved in approving the customer facing experience, as well as content, platform functionality and measurement. We document any defects for resolution, as well as any suggestions that may form part of the future development of your experience.

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