Digital strategy

Technology programmes can often take on a life of their own without a well articulated strategy to guide them.

A digital platform investment is only ever a means to deliver business value, so there needs to be a demonstrable link between business strategy, digital investment and demonstrable business benefit. That link could be reflected in greater customer loyalty, improved business agility, revenue growth, or operational efficiency.

We help you bridge the gap between business goals and technical execution. We work with you to plan your digital strategy, build an execution roadmap and create business cases strongly aligned to your goals. We can also help you uncover new business value by applying existing capabilities in innovative ways.

Target State Definition

This is an articulation of what your business aims to achieve through the delivery of your Digital Experience and how it supports the business in achieving its strategic (marketing) goals. The target state definition describes the overall digital experience vision, which is described in three areas - customer experience outcomes, business capability mapping and a success measurement framework.

Digital Experience Roadmap

The Digital Experience Roadmap sets out the mid- to long-term plan (typically 2 – 3 years) for evolving your customer experience and building out your internal business capabilities to deliver this evolution over time. With a clear target state defined, the roadmap provides the phased view of achieving the target state with the major interim states and key customer business milestones.

The Digital Experience Roadmap includes a change impact assessment and change strategy, a transformation plan and a detailed programme plan.

Investment Case Development

Investments in driving transformational digital experiences can be significant, with programmes spanning a number of years. We help translate digital capability into tangible business value, linking investment to results. From developing a benefits case for a technical re-platform to developing the rationale for digital transformation, we can build the business case and create a measurement framework to demonstrate how ROI will be delivered.

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