Digital business enablement and adoption

No matter how good your tech is, the success of your experience platform investment will be measured by how well it’s used.

Building a technical platform is simply not enough. That’s why we help some of the world’s biggest brands to implement best-practice digital operating models that ensure their business users and agency partners can take more ownership, deliver faster, and work more efficiently.

We can help you to design and build a new digital operating model and support your in-house teams to grow their skills with training and rich support materials. We can help you to implement the methods, technology, and toolsets that we’ve refined over years of delivering digital programs. This includes training content authors and agencies to use your platform more effectively, and helping in-house developers to improve their expertise and ways of working via the Cognifide Digital Academy.

Operating Model Assessment

Making the most of your new digital experience platform will inevitably require new skills and ways of working. We can help you assess your current operating model and identify those business processes, structures and skills that can be optimised to make the most of your digital investment. We can help you to identify and prioritise high-value changes needed and understand the journey from your current ways of working to your target operating model.

Digital Operating Model Design

Digital transformation is fundamentally about enabling new ways of working through technology. We have years of experience in enabling clients to get the most out of their technology investment. This lies at the core of our invest/realise/multiply approach. We can help you to drive business adoption and drive ways of working that improve efficiency, increase agility and drive innovation.

Experience platform adoption and enablement

Getting your business teams up to speed with a sophisticated and powerful digital experience platform is not simply a case of running a one-off training workshop. Business users need ongoing support and easy to understand reference materials. That’s where we can help by running training, providing ongoing support, producing documentation and video guides and making them easy to access in a central self-service platform enablement hub.

Agency enablement and adoption

Many businesses depend on a range of external agencies for customer experience design, creative development, campaign management and other marketing operations. A new digital experience platform creates opportunities for you to work with these partners in new ways. We’ll help them boost their skills and improve their understanding of the technology so they are able to fully exploit its capabilities on your behalf.

Author training

Freeing businesses to create exceptional customer experiences is what we do. The secret lies in the quality of the authoring platform, which allows content creators and customer experience specialists to fully realise their vision. In addition to implementing Zen Garden, our digital experience accelerator, we can also train authors from in-house and agency teams to get the most out of your digital experience platform. This means you can shift the execution away from back-end developer bottlenecks and closer to customer-facing teams.

Engineering Academy

If you want to take the engineering of your digital experience platform in-house, or enhance the skills and methods of your engineering team, the Cognifide Engineering Academy can dramatically enhance your capabilities. Using our specialist AEM and Sitecore skills, tools, and processes, we can show you how to increase the efficiency and quality of your engineering teams and move to continuous delivery.

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