Partnering with Agencies

Shaping the future of digital - together!

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We understand your challenges

Digital can now account for for up to three quarters of your client marketing budgets. As your clients increase their focus on digital, every year their needs become more sophisticated, more complex and technically harder to do. This complexity means client CIO and technical teams are playing a much greater role in executing marketing programmes. Within the client organisation there needs to be much closer alignment between CMOs and CIOs if they are going to execute their marketing programmes well.

Creative agencies need to be able to speak the language of the CIO as well as the CMO. You need to be able to not only demonstrate amazing creative concepts, but also show how those concepts can be turned into reality. You need to make sure your award winning concepts don't lose their edge when implemented by the technical teams. You also need to show you understand the technology and can really make it sing. That's where we can help.

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How we can help

At Cognifide we work with agencies but we speak CIO. We are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between creativity and technology. We don’t do creative. Instead we help creative and customer experience agencies to really push the barriers of innovation. We help you to understand the art of the possible, without having to worry about the technical hurdles of bringing your ideas to life.

We work with you to ensure your clients enjoy the very best you have to offer. With our world-class platform and technical integration expertise on your side, you are free to rapidly create rich, personalised customer journeys, at global scale.

Think of us as the springboard for your creativity.

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It's all about partnership

We partner with some of the best agencies in the world to develop better client relationships and deliver better client outcomes. We do this with an approach called the Digital Ecosystem. This frees clients to create richer, more engaging customer experiences by directly integrating their agencies within their delivery processes.

By working together we can deliver the extraordinary customer experiences clients demand. By pushing out execution to where the creativity happens, together we can enable our clients to increase speed to market, improve customer experience, grow revenue and reduce cost.


Partnership in action

Lincoln’s parent company, Ford Motor Company use the Adobe Marketing Cloud to target, optimise and continually deliver relevant experiences to various customer segments. The challenge for Cognifide and Hudson Rouge was to work together to launch a site for the Detroit Autoshow in January 2015 – in only 10 weeks!