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Creating new content authoring and campaign capability on an E-commerce platform.

All involved from the eComm team have been really impressed by the solution that Cognifide delivered for us. We've had many people in the business telling us what a refreshing experience it was. Basically, it's doing the job we wanted it to do, which is splendid news.
Ben Cotton, Head of Digital Platform Delivery


Virgin Media is the UK's leading entertainment and communications company, with over 10 million customers using their broadband, digital TV, telephone and mobile services.

The existing platform for their online store,, did not make it easy for authors to publish new content. Virgin Media required a new digital content platform that would allow efficient content creation and publication.

The new platform needed to be simple to manage, flexible so it could adapt to the varying needs of the marketing team, and scalable to allow for future growth. It also needed to integrate with Virgin Media's Elastic Path commerce system to display product, pricing and complex bundling information.


We worked through a discovery process with the client to determine and capture the needs of both product marketers and content authors. This shaped the direction of the new platform design as it needed to be easy-to-use by non-technical staff, and had to allow multiple authoring workflows.

We designed a delivery plan using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) integrated with Elastic Path. We then created a new digital library to house all retail-focused assets and components, and mapped a seamless user experience.

From a content authoring perspective, multiple content management capabilities were built into the platform in order to allow a variety of marketing campaigns to be deployed quickly and simultaneously.


The new digital content platform enables the Virgin Media content team to create what they need when they need it, at speed. They can now respond immediately to new communication opportunities, and they can publish digital campaigns with embedded product merchandising easily and efficiently.

Consistency and quality control are maintained through publishing workflows. The flexibility of the platform allows multiple and concurrent campaigns to run alongside the live website.

Content authoring is simple and intuitive. This allows everyone across the business to create and publish content, without software development or IT intervention.

Virgin Media is now reaping the benefits of these brand new capabilities to launch digital campaigns in a strategically adept, quick and easy manner.

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