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Creating an exclusive, personalised digital experience for private banking clients.

Cognifide take the time to truly understand our vision for the future, the problems we are seeking to solve and the challenges we face. They always bring us considered options and offer alternative solutions that we wouldn’t otherwise have thought of. It is this iterative and open dialogue that really brings the value of the partnership to life for us.


How do you disrupt one of the oldest banks in the world? That was the question from this UK private banking and wealth management client as they challenged us to mirror the exclusive experience of their flagship HQ online. This was about far more than a technology investment. The bank needed to become a content-focused organisation, giving clients access digitally to the expertise and advice that they could only traditionally access face-to-face.


The first phase of delivery saw a complete redesign and replatforming of the bank’s main portal on Adobe Experience Manager, using our own site production accelerator and authoring tool, Zen Garden. The main focus was on design, giving the bank a luxury look and feel in line with other non-banking luxury brands.

Phase two focused on the content platform, arming the bank’s in-house content team with the capability and skills to really optimise Zen Garden as an authoring tool. This coincided with a major new software release from Adobe which the bank took advantage of; migrating all content to AEM 6.2 and heavily rationalising styles, templates and components to give the authoring team a higher degree of ownership over the design elements. This would free them to make content changes and publish more quickly and easily in future.

We conducted user acceptance testing of the platform amongst the bank’s authors and trained them to really maximise the new tools in their toolset. Using Zen Garden ensures that all content is mobile first and also gives authoring teams the ability to make changes and publish on the move with Touch UI for mobile devices.

To help customers easily find the content that they are looking for, we created a sophisticated taxonomy. They can now filter and share far more easily and therefore create their own, more personalised journeys. In addition, Adobe Analytics has enabled the bank to interrogate user behaviour like never before. The ability to gather and understand real-time data means quicker, well informed decision-making and a far more customised experience.


Historically the bank was not a content focused organisation. As a business, they lacked the channel flexibility and resource capacity to push content out on a regular basis. Today however, their core content attracts 26,000 page views per month against a historical average of around 800.

Content is now created and sourced from across the business and a team of self-sufficient Super Authors can push it out without any IT support. The customer experience has been hugely enhanced by the new design and accessibility of content, thanks to the new taxonomy. It now reflects the experience that the bank’s high net worth clients expect, not only in the banking sector, but in comparison to other luxury brands.

Engagement with core content increased from 800 page views per month to 26,000

Functional enhancements now delivered in a matter of days, rather than months

£1,000's saved in printing costs as the organisation shifts to digital

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