A new platform for the world leader in bioinnovation.


Using our own class-leading accelerator, Zen Garden, with Sitecore 8.1, we were able to create the mobile-responsive and easy-to-use solution that Novozymes content owners were crying out for. We refreshed the homepage layout, building in mobile responsiveness and replaced a legacy email cloud platform with Sitecore's Email Experience Manager. We also integrated with the 3rd party social media aggregator Sparkle, enabling Novozymes to share their social conversations on their homepage, creating a very seamless user experience.

3,000 pages migrated in just 3 months

The result is a platform solution that is delivered in four languages, and includes the migration of over 3,000 pages. And, thanks to Zen Garden, all of this has been achieved in just three months. Having wished for a Wordpress-style solution, the Novozymes communications team now has full production control within a managed and well governed infrastructure and engaging content is reaching their all-important B2B audiences at the right time and on their chosen device.
faster average load time
increase in mobile traffic
It’s a responsive platform that enables editors to create content more quickly in simple, visually-appealing formats, and provides the flexibility to explore and create new designs more efficiently. We now have the digital tools to bring a range of users - customers, investors, job-seekers and those curious about biotechnology - more quickly to the information they need.