Lincoln Motor Company
Delivering a personalised experience for the new Lincoln MKX reveal site.


Lincoln’s parent company, Ford Motor Company, procured a global license for Adobe Marketing Cloud, a platform that it could use to target, optimise and continually deliver relevant experiences to various customer segments. The challenge was that the site needed to be launched in advance of the Detroit Autoshow in January 2015 – only 10 weeks away from the start of the AEM integration phase.

Hudson Rouge, the Lincoln brand’s marketing agency, reached out to us for our unparalleled experience in integrating AEM. Together we worked with Lincoln stakeholders to develop a personalised experience incorporating segmentation, analytics, reporting and livecopy for multilingual functions. The end result is a powerful yet streamlined UX design that provides the best possible experience for users.

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The platform was delivered in 10 weeks using an agile software process, allowing time to roll out the reveal site in advance of the targeted auto show.

As a result of the personalisation delivered the site has more than doubled visitor engagement and stickiness compared to previous reveal sites.

The success of the Lincoln MKX reveal site has created a set of best practices that will be used when other websites are rolled out on an accelerated timeline.
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So far we are very encouraged by the results we’ve seen through early testing of our MKX reveal site. Our investment in Adobe’s Marketing Cloud should definitely help us to continue to deliver a more warm and personal digital experience to our luxury clients that delivers on the notion of Just In Time, not Just in Case.
Lincoln Motor Company