John Lewis
Creating an intranet for 85,000 Partners.

A delivery plan was designed to create a new and highly effective intranet using Adobe Experience Manager.

To quicken project delivery, Cognifide joined forces with the JLP IT department to prepare them for working in an agile working environment, including stand-ups, demos and task boards for analysis and development workstreams.

A content authoring workflow was created, simplified by the AEM user interface and the centralisation of media assets. In addition, 20 customisable templates were set up to make it quick and easy for authors to publish new content.

Improved search was achieved through a well-defined website navigation, localisation, streamlined search and highly visible links to important information.

of authors efficiently publish 1000s of articles

Even before the intranet was live, JLP experienced the new efficiency for content authors as they prepared for launch. Over 400 authors were able to efficiently publish over 5,000 articles using customisable templates for speed and consistent branding.

Once the intranet was launched, it received over 14,000 hits during the first weekend it was live, with over 5,500 of those originating from mobile devices.

JLP quickly received very positive feedback from Partners, who said they had a much improved user experience and were able to easily find the information they needed without the need to log in, unless they were off-site or using their own devices.

hits in the first live weekend.
customisable templates
for consistent branding.

I've been blown away by your professionalism, knowledge, skill and dedication to go over and above what's been asked of you every step along the sometimes bumpy road...

John Lewis