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Transforming a manufacturing business into an experience business.


This manufacturing business within the music industry was highly product-oriented, with marketing focused on building brand affinity and sales, predominantly via 3rd party distribution channels. Recognising the need to build a far stronger direct relationship with their customers and extend their proposition beyond just ‘hardware’, the business had to strengthen customer engagement and equip itself with a direct route to market. The opportunity lay in a much needed web platform update that would not only fix day-to-day stability problems, but give the brand new digital capabilities.


Initially contracted to execute a stabilisation programme and platform audit, it quickly became apparent that the Sitecore Experience Platform configuration and underlying infrastructure required optimisation. The first phase of work was to migrate the brand’s core site to the chosen cloud service model, introducing a new search engine and optimising the base code.

With the foundations now more firmly set, focus shifted to gaining greater customer intimacy and insights. Integration with Gigya, a customer identity management platform, gave customers seamless entry to the core site as well the brand’s community sites and opened up new opportunities for data exchange for the marketing team. Integration with an Ecommerce site swiftly followed and a direct sales pilot saw sales triple in a month.

Key to success was the adoption of the new technology within the organisation. Having delivered a quality, stable platform, it was essential that marketers and content authors could now publish content easily, quickly and at scale. Having switched to a continuous delivery model and agile development processes, platform enhancements can now be made continually without slowing down the publishing process. Cognifide have introduced the manufacturer to a new way of working, not just new technology.


In just under a year, this global music business made significant steps in transforming from a manufacturing, product based organisation to a customer-focused, experience business with a high-traffic Ecommerce capability. The Sitecore Experience Platform has provided stable foundations whilst the company has gone through significant cultural change to embrace agile development and continuous delivery. In short, the brand can now deliver a seamless experience from campaign to purchase and is continually gaining better knowledge of its customer base.

Ecommerce pilot tripled sales in a month

Online boosted offline store traffic +38% year- on-year

Overall site traffic increased by 36% compared to previous year

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