Baking our accelerated approach into Concentra’s Sitecore platform.


Zen Garden is a site production accelerator that already powers hundreds of websites across the globe. It has been developed over 5 years and allows us to bake our accelerated approach into the Sitecore platform but also, importantly, into an organisation. The first task for Concentra was to migrate their content to Sitecore 8.1, taking full advantage of the modular architecture of the Zen Garden platform and building in existing LOB functionality. With its dynamic layouts, flexible components and proven governance and development practices, Zen Garden immediately gave the Concentra team greater agility and the ability to personalise and test site performance. They now have a technical solution that aligns with their road map, that will allow them to quickly and easily implement new designs and updates in future.

90% reduction in developer time spent building new features

Zen Garden and Sitecore 8.1 have given the Concentra team agility that their previous static layout based deployment could not accommodate.  Using out-of-the-box components and features, developer time has been reduced by an incredible 90%.  Training and deployment costs have therefore dramatically dropped and the platform is running efficiently and effectively, freeing Concentra to focus on content creation and the user experience.

Production deployment

costs have dropped


Most releases

 require no downtime

 to users

Working with the Cognifide team has been such a pleasant experience. Project planning appeared flawless. Feature development and defect turnaround times reflect a top-notch development team. I take every opportunity to share our relationship with Cognifide and how they truly partnered with us to deliver on time and within budget. Thank you Cognifide!