Bringing a global event programme to life in a single app.

Working with the Cognifide team has been such a pleasant experience. Project planning appeared flawless. Feature development and defect turnaround times reflect a top-notch development team. I take every opportunity to share our relationship with Cognifide and how they truly partnered with us to deliver on time and within budget. Thank you Cognifide!


The world-leading experience platform vendor, Adobe, regularly hosts major events to engage their clients and future prospects. An event app helps to enhance the experience for delegates, bringing up-to-the-minute, useful information to the palm of their hands. However, historically this app was not created using Adobe technology and did not carry all of the functionality that tech savvy attendees would be looking for. The organisation was missing a major opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the Experience Cloud.

The new app needed to be faster than the previous version, be able to operate without a network connection, improve app adoption from previous years, allow personalisation, facilitate multi-user groups and include a set of tools to extend the whole Adobe event experience to a mobile device.

Cognifide had 5 months to build a reusable platform and create the first iteration of the new app for Adobe Summit.

Adobe Summit


Cognifide and Adobe joined forces to create a blended team, streamlining processes for speed and working in week long sprints, sending recorded demos to key stakeholders to encourage fast feedback and maximise the productivity of each sprint.

The first task was to create the new platform on AEM 6.2, using AEM Mobile and integrating Adobe Analytics and Mobile services for real time statistics, in-app messaging, geo-location and user profiling.

Attribution is an important metric for the modern marketer. With this in mind we provided Acquisition Support enabling the Marketer to track which triggers were driving app download.

General event information and venue location information were integrated using 3rd party API’s, including logistical changes, session details and Google Maps to help delegates find the venue and the closest travel links. In addition using Adobe’s Livefyre, we integrated a real time Twitter feed so that delegates could stay informed and share their views, key talking points and takeaways.

Via the main menu, users could view presenter biographies, session synopses and sponsor information - all available using the AEM offline search feature. We enabled session favoriting so users could create their own personal agenda, which gave Adobe an early understanding of the popularity of each session.

We also enabled push notifications to engage users, delivering key, relevant messages, such as the start time of a selected session.

Adobe were keen to deliver a bespoke and tailored experience to VIP attendees. Using Adobe forms and a login requirement, we provided exclusive access to specific content. The login also gave Adobe insight into the trends and behaviour of their VIP audience.

Finally, we integrated to enable delegates to feed into live Q&As and for Adobe to poll opinion on each session.

Fast-forward 5 months and the second iteration of the app was piloted at a series of Symposia in Stockholm, Zurich, Paris, Amsterdam and Munich. Introducing a new multi-event feature, Adobe could use a single app for all 5 events, offering delegates a country and language selection.


Cognifide gave Adobe a reusable platform on which to base every future app for all of their global events. The entire event experience is now encapsulated in the app and it has already proved an integral part of multiple events. Even at its debut outing it was adopted by 89% of attendees. At the latest EMEA Summit the app had 4,800 users with over 80,000 unique app launches.

Back end capabilities and analytics have been vastly improved, to give Adobe real-time insight into the behaviour of their delegates and which sessions trend at each event.

Together we have established a digital foundation on which to evolve the app with further integration with other Adobe Experience Cloud products in the future.

Adobe Summit 2018

89% adoption of app at its first outing

At the EMEA Summit 2018, the app had 4,800 users with over 80,000 app launches

2,200 users shared their social profiles via the app

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