Zen Garden
Zen Garden plugs seamlessly into Adobe Experience Manager. Below are some of its key features and capabilities.

Flexible Layout Engine

  • Allows unlimited layouts and templates
  • No tech skills required to build
  • No code release required
  • Supports 960.gs and Bootstrap grid frameworks
  • Allows for custom grids to be generated

Flexible Components

  • Stock of highly configurable components meets 90% of typical website functionality requirements
  • Applicable to all grids and channels
  • Ability to add bespoke components

Non-Zen Garden Component Integration

  • Allows use of any existing components
  • Automatic support for grids and layouts
  • Write your components once for use in Zen Garden and Non-ZenGarden sites

Base Wireframe Theme

  • Default responsive wireframe
  • Used as a basis for site assembly and theme creation
  • Allows content entry to begin while designs are still in progress
  • Enables better interaction between brands, agencies and developers

Creative Exchange

  • Powerful Theming (or styling) workflow
  • All component formatting controlled via CSS stylesheets
  • Allows site export in a ZIP file, which includes all content, digital assets, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files for that site
  • Site is skinned (or themed) using CSS and JavaScript, then re-imported
  • Theme is saved and available for future use
  • No IT or back-end code changes required

Responsive Design

  • Built-in desktop, tablet and mobile breakpoints
  • Ability to add further breakpoints in stylesheets
  • Ability to tailor digital assets to different channels

Site Creation Wizard

  • Simple wizard to get you started on content and theme development for a new website
  • Repetitive tasks completed in a few clicks
  • Typical user group permissioning scheme set up automatically

Platform Statistics Dashboard

  • Dashboard for platform statistics, e.g. use of themes, components and templates
  • Support for migration impact assessment and component upgrades
  • Ability to create custom dashboards

Analytics Integration

  • Ability to easily integrate any analytics solution


  • No vendor lock-in
  • Extend and integrate with other modules in your technology stack