Enabling you to deliver multi-brand websites globally, at scale and cost effectively.

Our innovative software – Zen Garden – is the industry leading site production accelerator for Adobe Experience Manager. It puts a decade of Cognifide expertise in your hands, enabling your content creators to deliver rich customer experiences, faster, without having to rely on developers.

Zen Garden powers hundreds of sites and thousands of content creators around the world for clients that include GSK, RBS, Penguin Random House, Investec, William Demant Holding Group, Fresenius, and Robert Walters.

Zen Garden is site production simplified:

  • Making marketing departments self-sufficient
  • Reducing time to market by 80%
  • Increasing project success rate
  • Reducing total cost of ownership
  • Improving operational and brand consistency

What It Does for Site Production

Zen Garden lowers the technical barriers to entry at every stage.

When designing; reusable components, flexible layouts and templates decrease the reliance on IT.

Rapid prototyping of Information Architecture, wire framing and content entry speeds up the process and let you repeat designs at scale.

Developing sites is made easier as you can extend existing Zen Garden components and create new ones that will easily integrate into 3rd party and LOB components.

Deploying your new sites via Zen Garden’s Creative Exchange allows creative designers and user interface developers to easily implement their designs and apply UI elements through Wordpress-like pluggable themes.

The effect is to allow brands to reach their audiences and advocates more quickly.

How it works

Think of Zen Garden as an enabler. It puts marketing departments in the driving seat, giving them the tools to create sites, manage content and be agile and responsive - all under their own steam.

It uses the same language as the CMS itself, which means that you don’t even notice it’s there. It just sits in the background, making your life easier. Here’s how:

  • Flexible Layout Engine

    You decide what size and shape template you want to use. Create as many as you want, whenever you want them - without the need for a developer.
  • Flexible Components

    Select what you want to put into your template. We’ve created a stock of highly configurable components that do the large majority of what you’d want a website to do. You drag and drop the components you want to use into your new page template.
  • Pluggable Themes

    You’ll want to apply a style (which we call a ‘theme’) to your new website. It’s usually a front-end developer who does this, but they won’t need AEM skills; they will simply work in CSS. And once they’ve developed the style, it’s set up as a new theme and will always be there to apply to your templates or sites at the click of a button.
  • Creative Exchange

    This is what we call the process of developing and implementing your themes. Once you’ve designed your website pages, you export them with just a few clicks. Your front-end developers apply the styling, then they import the pages with their new CSS styling back into the platform. Your theme is ready to go - just like that, with no back-end involvement.
  • Base Wireframe Theme

    Just to make your lives even easier, and your site creation even quicker. This default responsive wireframe can be used to start assembling your new site before you've actually created any themes. It lets you get on with early prototyping for easier communication and interaction within your teams. But the best bit? It lets you start content entry while your designs are still in progress.

What It Means

  • No bottlenecks.
  • Agile operations.
  • Lower costs.