Operating Model

Zengage plugs the power of online digital marketing tools into your face-to-face interactions with customers.

Reduce Cost of Content Production

Create content once, globally. Regional editing and approval processes will make it easy to apply any localisations, but the bulk of the content will be reused across all your locations.

If changes are needed – either at a local or global level – these can be made quickly and easily, without relying on developers or agencies.

Zengage makes your content production more efficient. So far, we’ve seen evidence of as much as 80% reduction in content production costs.

Improve Quality

Enforce brand guidelines across products and regions. Zengage provides a standardised toolset which is used to build all your content. What this means for you is consistent quality and performance across your entire output.

You’ll have set styles, or ‘skins’ to apply, or you can create new ones as needed.

Effective Governance

Manage versions and distribution of content centrally. As well as making your content production process more efficient, this means you can make quick changes and apply them to your global content.

Whether you’re updating your information, optimising your content or withdrawing something that’s potentially sensitive – it’ll happen fast, globally.

Measure and Optimise

Track what your prospects do with your content, and how successful your sales reps are. Zengage lets your sales reps easily email the presentations and documents that they’ve just shared with prospective customers. Customers are directed to a resource centre to access the information, and their interaction with the content is measured using Adobe Analytics.

This gives you a granular understanding of how people use your content, and informs optimisation. It also gives brand managers a key insight into how well each sales rep performs, based on the results of each session.