Zengage Features
Zengage applies the power of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Analytics to producing, managing and measuring content shared in your face-to-face sales calls. Below are some of its key features and capabilities.

Powered by AEM

  • Connects with encrypted storage and communicates seamlessly
  • Easy content authoring and digital asset management
  • Customisable review and approval processes
  • Translation and localisation capabilities


  • Supports XLIFF files

Content Production

  • Produce and manage content to a granular level: global, country, brand, presentation, chapter, slide
  • Multiple components (or functional blocks) house content
  • Buttons used to show or hide other components, or move to other slides
  • Components styled using pre-configured style sheets (called ‘skins’)
  • Rich text editor allows WYSIWYG text formatting by pre-defined style
  • Components allow basic interaction, e.g. for questionnaires
  • Supporting material can be uploaded, e.g. clinical trial PDFs
  • Enhanced HTML component provides developers with access to a full JQuery framework for bespoke component build
  • Review mode: tablet view to test or approve content

CRM Integration

  • Uses standard interfaces to manage interactions (JSON)
  • Allows two-way interaction with CRM systems
  • CRM IDs are maintained throughout the system to enable integration of Analytics


  • Uses Adobe Analytics
  • Granular data on sales calls and content performance
  • Used to track sales rep success and optimise content