Plugging the power of digital into face-to-face selling.
Zengage is a tool that lets you get content from your centralised CMS onto the tablets of all your sales reps around the world. You’ll be able to produce content with a consistent message, quality and style – at a massively reduced cost.

What It Does

Let's imagine you're a brand manager in a multi-national company, with thousands of sales reps operating in hundreds of markets. You need to get highly regulated brand content onto their iPads quickly and consistently, in multiple languages and with local market differences. Then, you want to track how successful this content was, make changes to it and start again.

With Zengage you’ll do all that, quickly and easily.

It’s currently used in around 150,000 sales visits per month, and has cut time to market and content production costs by as much as 80%.

Zengage is licensed as an enterprise product, which means a set cost, no matter how many sales reps you have.

How it works

Zengage is powered by Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). You use all the benefits of a powerful CMS to get your content onto tablets in front of thousands of prospective clients every month. Here’s the process:
  • Create Content Globally

    Use a framework of flexible components to put together your client presentations. No tech skills needed. An enhanced HTML tool means your developers can create new components for any bespoke requirements.
  • Translate

    Once your content is created, you can export it to your chosen translation tool; all major translation tools are supported. Translated content is re-imported just as efficiently.
  • Localise

    Distribute content to local brand managers or agencies. It can be tweaked to allow for any regional differences, then approved and published.
  • Display Content

    Your sales rep can preview content in their tablet, together with any internal or training notes attached to the presentation. Then, they display the content in their face-to-face meetings with prospective customers.
  • Add Customer Data

    Zengage integrates with your CRM so sales reps enter the contact details of everyone present during their calls, and this automatically adds the data to your CRM.
  • Share Content

    With one click the sales rep emails attendees a record of all the documentation they have just displayed. Emails direct users to an online resource centre where the content can be accessed.
  • Track and Optimise

    Use Adobe analytics to get a granular insight into how your prospective customers interact with your content. Use the data to tweak and optimise content at a global or local level.

What It Means

  • Content of a consistent quality.
  • Massively reduced localisation costs.
In the past, we have had to localise individual applications and presentations, and that is time consuming and troublesome. With Zengage, we've reduced the localisation time, and massively reduced the testing effort.
Mariano Moro, Beeay