Zen Garden 6.5 is here!

16 April 2019Mateusz Luczak

As the smoke clears from the release of Adobe Experience Manager 6.5, we're launching Zen Garden 6.5. Yes, you guessed it, a compatible version of our industry-leading content agility tool.

This latest version continues down the Zen Garden road, already well-trodden, to ease the process of delivering digital experiences and make it more collaborative for brands. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you can create these experiences in an agile manner and at scale.

We know that performance and accessibility are important for organisations of all sizes; these new capabilities will give you a competitive edge and provide seamless experiences for your customers. As well as innovations for marketers, Zen Garden 6.5 also features some enhancements that have been requested by developers and IT. Check them out!

Speeding up site build

As customer expectations for performance and availability are increasing, marketers and content teams are more likely to have to rely on developers. Zen Garden seeks to counteract this dependency...

  • Lazy loading, a technique which speeds up page loading, is now supported by the Zen Garden feature, renditions. With the flick of a switch, developers can now turn this on and ensure that your experience meets customer expectation.
  • The new Zen Garden AMP module means that developers and marketers can easily create sites using Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. This automatically optimises the mobile experience but all content management is still managed in  one place. You can learn more about AMP module here.
AMP module
  • We've built in accessibility improvements for Zen Garden components to save developer effort in complying with W3C guidelines. So you can focus on delivering business value without worrying about compliance.

Improving content agility

Meeting the demands of customer expectations means that you and your teams will need to work quickly and collaboratively. We call this content agility. However, the technicalities of content management systems don't always make this easy for non-technical marketers (as we discovered during our Customer Advisory Board).

  • Middleware support from Zen Garden Bridge provides developers and architects with new possibilities to deliver large-scale integrations, while ensuring that the author experience is as intuitive for marketers as it was previously. You can learn more about Bridge supported architecture here.
Zen Garden Bridge
  • Zen Garden redirect pages are smarter. You can now leverage SEO best practices to maximise traffic to your websites. Watch this space for more improvements to come.
  • We've also improved the variants search capability so that its easy to find the configurations that you're looking for without asking a developer.
  • Launches are now fully compatible with the Zen Garden layout engine so that you can work on campaigns in parallel to regular content.

Platform upgrade assurance

Upgrading your platform usually requires a big developer and IT effort, but now migrating from a previous version of Adobe Experience Manager, to a later release, is much easier. Adobe have helped by making the platform more stable and by adding new Experience Manager features that help in the process. However, with Zen Garden, thanks to a new set of scripts and tools, this migration process is even more frictionless. 6.5 introduces support for Java 11 while maintaining support for Java 8, so you can choose which version to use on your platform.

Zen Garden 6.5 is now available and can be downloaded via Cognifide Release Share.

If you are an existing Zen Garden customer planning an upgrade to Adobe Experience Manager 6.5, or you are just considering Adobe Experience Manager as a CMS, feel free to contact us to schedule a demo of Zen Garden 6.5. See for yourself how it could free your organisation to create better digital experiences, more quickly and, at scale.

Author: Mateusz Luczak
Published: 16 April 2019
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