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Create a seamless customer experience with Knot.X

21 April 2017Tomasz Michalak

Introducing our latest open source integration tool.

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As businesses and brands embrace today’s technologies, their digital properties become more and more complex. In order to keep up with the new wave of disruptors, even more traditional organisations are focusing on the customer experience which, at the very least, means maintaining a highly dynamic website, providing consumers with a number of services.

From a technical point of view, this often means knitting together a number of external elements that have not been designed to work together.  Creating a unified customer experience from many fragments can be very challenging indeed. And for more established businesses, combining different platforms and services, each with their own technologies and release cycles is like trying to mix the oil of legacy IT with the water of digital. Add to this a rapidly changing business and technology landscape, and it can be extremely difficult to build in the flexibility required to cope with whatever lies around the bend.

Platform services

Let’s imagine an online banking website containing different features like a chat box, exchange rates, stock data and user profile information. All those features come from different providers that have their own teams working in various modes, technologies and release cycles. Bringing them together within a single CMS would invariably cause all kinds of problems

Entire customer experience

Introducing Knot.X

Our open source tool, Knot.X overcomes this problem by connecting all of these elements into a unified customer experience. It’s a highly efficient integration tool allowing organisations to bring together all of the parts of their customer experience in a controlled and manageable way. It does this without having to worry about vendors, technologies or release cycles.

How does it work?

Knot.X is designed to expose different services via an experience management platform (CMS).  It does this by gathering the threads of each service, knitting them together before handing them over to the experience management platform to present them as an integrated customer experience. By managing them in a controlled and isolated way, it allows each service to be exposed without any impact on other services.

Knot.x Overview

Integrating external elements outside of the CMS, removes the heavy lifting, meaning web sites can deliver a vast amount of content, with very high performance.  By using asynchronous programming principles and message-driven architecture it also ensures a highly scalable platform for modern sites.

Where is it used?

Knot.X is designed for use with CMS-based platforms such as Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal or Magnolia. It enhances development productivity thanks to clear module separation and its polyglot nature (Knot.x can be extended with multiple languages including Java, JavaScript, Groovy, Ruby, Ceylon, Scala and Kotlin).

We’re massively excited about the development of Knot.X which we see as a great leap forward in integrating external services. We’ll be telling you more about its features on the Cog Blog over the next few weeks, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can find out more about ithere.

Author: Tomasz Michalak
Published: 21 April 2017
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