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14 February 2019James Scott-Flanagan

“For me, One Cognifide Day is a time when one of the fundamental values of Cognifide comes alive. It’s about creating a culture of inclusion, which starts with colleagues from all over the world coming together to celebrate our successes as a team, our vision for the future, our challenges over the past year and, most importantly our diversity as employees and individuals.” 

What is One Cognifide Day?

One Cognifide day is an annual event which brings together all Cognifide employees from around the globe. It’s held at our engineering centre in Poland which houses more than 300 developers. The event is designed to celebrate everything that is Cognifide; to recognise individuality but embrace collaboration. To be curious, to share, to innovate and to explore the future together. In short, it’s all about the collection of people that makes Cognifide special!


For me, approaching my first One Cognifide Day, the anticipation was tangible, almost like a Cognifide Christmas. But don’t take it from me, read more and find out why One Cognifide Day is more than just another day with the Cognifide family.

I've heard a lot about One Cognifide Day and thought I knew what to expect but I didn’t anticipate how much passion and energy people put into such an event, just to share their lives outside of the office with colleagues. One Cognifide Day was a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with people you only know from email conversations. That's the real value."


One Cognifide Day is deliberately designed to be a bit different. It’s not your standard corporate conference. The aim of the day is to empower the individual to learn and explore on their terms. It’s all about designing an agenda that suits you, we even created an app to help colleagues discover and get involved. The rather unique nature of the day doesn’t stop there; think of it as a kind of ‘bring yourself to work day’ which encourages people to showcase their interests and passions outside the workplace.

Learning about colleague's passions and hobbies is so empowering and challenging. Suddenly you feel like you can do more, and achieve whatever you want.

This year's event featured a number of fascinating and unusual hobby booths, from woodworking to whiskey tasting. The latter proved to be very popular (...not sure why!) and will no doubt be a feature in years to come.



One Cognifide Day goes above and beyond the standard company get-together. It deepens relationships beyond professional roles, as colleagues become friends and you bridge a deeper understanding through conversation and shared interests.

Through individuality comes collaboration, by sharing our unique hobbies and interests outside work, people are brought together within. Shared interests and passions, such as sustainability, act as a foundation to foster relationships. Giving back is something that we hold close to our hearts, with many of us using our own time to help others and share knowledge in our communities. One Cognifide Day showcased the many CSR and sustainability initiatives that we are currently engaged in. While they are designed to benefit others, they definitely create a glue, as with other shared interests, that bonds colleagues together.



As a technology firm how could we have a ‘conference’ without innovation and forward thinking at its core? We are always looking to challenge the status quo and find new ways of doing things, striving to innovate with creativity and fresh ideas. The Cognifide Hackathon is something that embodies this company ethos, an annual competition where Cognifiders are encouraged to think outside of the box and come up with fresh solutions that we might not consider on a daily basis.


This year’s winners produced a DAM auto-tagging innovation which is ready for immediate use on projects. The team hilariously drew upon Donald Trump to demo their exciting new tool. Other showcases of innovation included talks on popular topics such as blockchain, one with the fantastic title, “Your Grandma will understand why Bitcoin is the future”. These presentations gave people further opportunity to take centre stage and share knowledge around passions outside of their professional remit.

The Future

It was my first One Cognifide Day and I really felt that spirit! Not only did we share our hobbies (which was absolutely amazing!) but also we found a great space for discussion about future improvements and challenges.

The future is always a hot topic at Cognifide. By our very nature, we are a future focused organisation. This year was no different with keynote speaker Stefan Pretorius, the new CTO of WPP, sharing the company vision. The new WPP is a creative transformation company, which will focus on four key areas of growth; communications, experience, commerce and technology. It was a fantastic chance for Cognifide as a whole to realise the incredible opportunities that lie ahead.



Author: James Scott-Flanagan
Published: 14 February 2019

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