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Cognifide Moles at the TestingCup 2014

05 June 2014Magdalena Owsiana


TestingCup 2014 was the second edition of the Polish Open Championship in Software Testing. It was held at the Polish National Stadium in Warsaw on 2nd-3rd of June 2014 (the largest sports arena in Poland). The contest had two categories: individuals and teams. The main point of the event was to promote software testing, to share knowledge and to recognize and reward the best test engineers in Poland.

After last year’s success by a different team at Cognifide (Cognifide Explorers took the 4th place!), the Quality Assurance Practice was represented this year by the Cognifide Moles Team: Jędrzej Osiński, Bruno Mańczak and Eryk Pilarski. The team went head to head with 67 different crews of excellent testers from all over Poland and finished the race in the great 5th position and proved that Cognifide’s testers are among the best.

During the contest, all participants have to work with Mr Buggy - a special online application created by the organizers. The competition took exactly 3 hours. During this time, a team had to read and understand the documentation, test the provided system and produce the final testing report including further estimations, QA suggestions, the list of aspects tested and many more. The final output was fully anonymous, to protect the objectivity of the judges point of view.

What was important was to highlight the number of bugs found, but that wasn’t all. Participants needed to be very careful not to raise a duplicate bug or an improvement (instead of a bug), which could have resulted in losing points. The grade also depended on the priority of the issue, so focusing on the quality and not the quantity really mattered; which is the everyday QA job reality!

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Jedrzej Osinski (captain) has been working as a QA for Cognifide for two years. He is currently a member of the Aftercare and Investec project teams, mostly interested in automation, BDD and usability. He also has a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence, so occasionally he gives lectures at the Poznan University, attends conferences and still publishes scientific papers. In his free time (not much left) he travels, participates in literary competitions, treasure hunts and watches Olympic Games. He is also Cognifide’s biggest James Bond fan!

Bruno Manczak is a psychology and cognitive science graduate. He has been a tester at Cognifide for over a year: was involved in the JLP and DLG projects. He is interested in test automation, passionate about the human (tester’s!) brains and general neuroscience. Bruno runs every week.

Eryk Pilarski is a computer science graduate, working in testing for about 4 years.  He has been working for Cognifide since February 2014. Since joining Cognifide he has been working on the Zen Garden project. He also helped with testing on RBS MIB and RBS COM projects. Eryk is primarily an exploratory tester, but he is also interested in performance tests and test automation. Photography is his second passion.

The Quality Assurance team at Cognifide is a vital part of every project, responsible for watching over the quality of the products we deliver. Our QA engineers perform a great deal of testing activities: we automate, test the performance, security and monitor the quality of the code delivered every day. We raise bugs and improvements on a daily basis to make sure our products will be even better!

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Author: Magdalena Owsiana
Published: 05 June 2014

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