Cognifide at the PUT job fair

06 April 2012Magdalena Owsiana

Our booth at the fair

It’s not always easy for young, inexperienced students to find a job to work with cutting edge technology endorsed by global brands in a company that actually provides a friendly environment. So, to help fresh graduates in this quest for their dream job, Poznan University of Technology has been organising an annual job fair since 1996 and this year, we were proud participants.  

With over 60 exhibitors over two days, the 200 plus graduates certainly had a good opportunity to learn more about how Cognifide helps global brands build and adopt marketing technology platforms, in addition to general facts about the digital marketing industry. Magda Owsiana, Magda Siwka, Przemek Taront and Tomek Dabrowski represented Cognifide and had a good time interacting with the students who were keen to know what work was like at Cognifide when working with the choicest of global brands such as Skype, Chivas Regal and Investec.

The “Skype.com - made in Poznan“ case study by Adam Najmanowicz and Krystian Nowak was very well received. Adam’s feedback was:

"It was a great opportunity and a very satisfying experience to be able to present the job we've done with skype.com. I had a great time presenting our solution to attendees. The presentation was very well received and led to a long and engaging discussion during the Q&A session. The audience was very engaged and receptive. The processes and tools we've come up with and the problems we have overcome intrigued and excited them. Following the presentation we met many of the participants at our booth - wanting to learn more!"

The PUT job fair was a great opportunity for Cognifide to find new, fresh and open-minded people and an absolute pleasure to see so many young people interested in learning more. We have to thank the organizers for a really great job. Cooperation at the highest level!

Author: Magdalena Owsiana
Published: 06 April 2012

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