Cognifide signs strategic partnership with top Poznan University

30 August 2018Magdalena Owsiana

We’re thrilled to announce that this week we signed a new strategic partnership with Poznan’s top academic institution, (ranked by Perspectives Universities Rank), the Adam Mickiewicz University. 

Since Cognifide was founded in Poznan 13 years ago, our relationship with local educational institutions has gone from strength to strength. Colleagues at our Engineering Centre, that now employs over 250 people in the city, are passionate about knowledge sharing and many volunteer to lecture at local Universities, high schools or at conferences and tech meet-ups. 

We work with children from an early age, developing their logical and strategic thinking in primary schools, teaching them simple coding skills and the notoriously difficult strategy game, Go. We have an award-winning Career Start Up programme in Poland and a Digital Experience Academy in London, both geared towards encouraging graduates into a career in technology. In the last 2 years alone, over 50 students have graduated from our programs. 

In short, we’re passionate about what we do and always want to share that passion with others. So our partnership with Adam Mickiewicz University feels like a really great next logical step.

There are currently over 37,000 students at AMU, studying in 15 different faculties. We’ll be collaborating with the Mathematics and Computer Science Faculties in our new partnership program. Our common projects will focus on strengthening relations between business and science; sharing expertise and experiences and creating new work opportunities for students, amongst others. 

As a University Partner, Cognifide is a member of its Employers Council and will share opinions, provide specialist lecturers and suggest improvements in teaching programs. We’ll also create common internship programs and engage in research, innovation and development.

This is such a great opportunity to support young people and give back to our local social environment, we’re super excited about getting involved. Stay in touch via the Cog Blog to hear more about our involvement.

AMU-partnerAMU-CogniAMU-partner3Photos by Adrian Wykrota / AMU

Author: Magdalena Owsiana
Published: 30 August 2018

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