Supercharge Your Sitecore Solution with PowerShell!

17 October 2013Kimberly Mccabe

Sitecore Summit

 October 15th marked the start of the first Sitecore Users Virtual Summit which was a global event running for 24 hours straight. Cognifide’s Adam Najmanowicz helped kick off the virtual summit with his presentation "Supercharge your Sitecore Solution with PowerShell".

In this presentation Adam spoke about the possibilities and benefits realized from adding PowerShell scripting to a Sitecore solution. He discusses the status of the scripting solutions for Sitecore and how you can improve your deployment, development and content management processes by including them in in your environment.

What you will learn:

  • Why PowerShell's knowledge is important for your career
  • What’s possible to achieve with Sitecore PowerShell Extensions
  • How you can improve your quality of life with PowerShell
  • How to improve your solution's scalability and SLA with PowerShell through auditing your solution with SPE
  • About other PowerShell scripting solutions for Sitecore (Rocks, SharedSource Console)
Author: Kimberly Mccabe
Published: 17 October 2013
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