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It’s official – we're Sitecore Content Hub specialized!

19 March 2020Przemek Taront

Is your content a costly overhead or a hardworking asset? If it’s not working for you right now, let us help you turn it around. 

Publishing personalized content on multiple channels is a priority for over 95% of global marketing leaders, according to a Sitecore and SoDA 2019 report. Everyone wants to do it faster and more efficiently.  

The building blocks of these experiences are content assets. They may be audio and video files, images, articles or product details. You want to be able to use them across all your digital properties – websites, social pages, blogs and commerce pages. But they exist in a myriad of sources that are disconnected and siloed between different channels and departments. It’s what Sitecore call the Content Crisis

How the Content Hub helps 

The good news is – we're now one of just five Sitecore partners qualified to help. We’ve just completed the Practice Specialization Framework for the Sitecore Content Hub. 

'We're Sitecore Specialized!'

 The Content Hub is Sitecore’s answer to the DAM solution and it’s rated by Gartner as a leading solution in this space. It’s a platform dedicated to delivering outstanding customer experiences through consistent, personalized content. And it covers the entire content lifecycle, from planning, authoring and collaboration, through management and curation, to publication, personalization and feedback. 

Why we’re specialized and what it means 

Following an invitation-only early adopter program and having worked with Sitecore on a number of real client scenarios, we’re one of just five Sitecore partners that have qualified as specialists. This means that not only are we working at the cutting edge of DAM technology, but we’re also front runners in consulting our clients on the discipline that helps companies organize and control their digital assets. It’s fantastic to be recognized by Sitecore, one of leading technology providers in this space and we’re excited about helping clients to deliver the volume and quality of content required to excite and delight customers at every touchpoint. 

One platform for content creation 

By plugging you into the Content Hub, we can bring your entire content creation process together. Say goodbye to searching for that elusive product image or resizing it for a specific channel. This is a DAM that can be plugged into your back office systems, where some of the raw assets will live, and into your content management system, where they are brought to life as experiences for your customers. 

It’s a platform that enables you to structure your content for channels, personas, local markets and any other permutation that you can think of. And it allows you to tag it so that it’s ultimately searchable for any team member, wherever they are. 

Our Sitecore expertise is deep-rooted. In fact, we were the creators of the Sitecore Experience Accelerator. Now we’re excited about working with Sitecore to bring another leading edge platform to the marketing community. Find out more by getting in touch with us today

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Author: Przemek Taront
Published: 19 March 2020
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