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17 May 2016Amar Patel

The last five years of Gold Partnership with Sitecore have been an adventure!  We’ve delivered numerous client sites and platforms for companies such as Novozymes, Concentra and Chivas with our industry leading site production accelerator, Zen Garden. We’ve celebrated each consecutive year with our colleague, Adam Najmanowicz, for every Sitecore MVP (Most Valuable Professional) that he’s been awarded and taken immense pride in his work building and extending the Sitecore Powershell Extensions module. Now we’re ready to take the partnership to the next level.

So we're immensely proud to become a Platinum Implementation Partner and we’re ready to build a leadership position within the Sitecore ecosystem. And as an inaugural member of the Sitecore EMEA Partner Advisory Council, founded in 2015, we aim to represent the voices of our clients at Sitecore.

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In order to accommodate the increased activities with Sitecore, we've restructured our Client Services team by creating a Sitecore-focused team led by me, ex-Sitecorean, Amar Patel. 

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Here's what Maged Fahmy, Sitecore's Global Head of Partners & Alliances, has to say about our partnership:

Amar's appointment to exclusively focus on our mutual growth should be highlighted as an example of great partnering in the Sitecore community, and a huge bonus to our relationship. Cognifide's continued investment in Sitecore and high level of partnering activity demonstrates what it takes to become a Platinum Implementation Partner. We're excited by the potential and look forward to our continued mutual success.

Reasons to Look Forward

Sitecore EMEA recently kicked off a round of Digital Marketing Summits, starting in Copenhagen (26 Apr), London (5 May), Berlin (9th May), and ending in Rotterdam (17th May).

We were at the Copenhagen and London summits with some of our Sitecore clients and prospects and judging by the attendance, interest, and messaging, Sitecore is emerging from its organisational restructure with renewed confidence and vigour. The recent majority acquisition announcement by EQT can only help the company sustain its double-digit growth in an increasingly competitive and noisy digital marketing technology landscape.

We’re doing what we can to make sense of the noise, not only for clients taking their first steps in digital strategy, but also for those who are looking for a strong platform partner.  To begin, here’s a summary of Summit highlights that you’ll be interested to hear if you’re an existing or prospective customer.

Sitecore EMEA Digital Marketing Summits: the highlights

Sitecore CEO, Michael Seifert, called on the integrated triumvirate of Contextual Intelligence, Content Management and Omni-Channel Automation to deliver effective Context Marketing and encouraged clients and prospects to be brave and learn how to fail fast. ‘Think big, start small and iterate towards the vision’, is a mantra that we encourage and we’ve got the technology to back it up.  Cognifide's accelerated approach to Sitecore development and site production allows clients to get to value quicker. We put clients in a position to learn from the platform sooner than their competitors, as well as giving them the opportunity to fail faster on page layouts, new styles and components.

Darren Guarnaccia, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience told us: "If Content is King, then Context is Queen". Context Marketing is replacing the "customer experience" messaging from Sitecore. Great CX that supports lifetime customers is still the end goal, but the customer experience journey needs to be transformed with context (data-driven understanding) and content; it was clear from the cases being presented by Sitecore (Danone, L'Oreal) and clients (Danske Bank), that while it can be a massive contributor to success, the path is not an easy one to tread. Companies should prioritise people over technology and develop new disruptive organisational structures that are built and incentivised to fail fast, learn and change. Disrupt yourself before you get disrupted was a key message.

If content is king context is queen

Thomas Husson, Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving B2C Marketing Professionals at Forrester Research states that as consumer expectations increase (B2B included), mobile moments are the next battleground, and mobile experiences will need to be driven by more than just saying you are mobile first.  Again Context is Queen and make sure you can tap into the contextual data surrounding customers' mobile journeys. Without a doubt mobile usage is at the tipping point - mobile is fast becoming the primary purchasing and customer experience device.

Crafty not creepy

Other themes were around personalisation, including ensuring that the personal data contract is always equitable. If customers give you personal data, what real benefits will they get in return? Don't collect data for the sake of it, and don't use it to get creepy.

Do you or your agency consider how the first 100-days post go-live may look? What hypotheses are you aiming to test during that time? More importantly, are your hypotheses aligned with your digital strategy? What percentage of revenue, client service, cost reduction or competitive advantage should be apportioned to mobile? Where on the spectrum do you lie now and where should you be? Are you prepared to positively disrupt yourselves and your digital ecosystems?

If you need help answering these questions or would like to chat more about any of the themes above, drop me a line, amar.patel@cognifide.com. Whether you’re a Sitecore customer seeking to get more out of your platform or whether you’re just considering Sitecore for the first time, we’d love to talk.

Author: Amar Patel
Published: 17 May 2016
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