What's a Testing Dojo?

08 September 2011Lukasz Morawski
Testing Dojo I'm a big fan of the “Weekend Testing” idea and was quite enthused about “Testing Dojo”. So when I joined Cognifide, I proposed that we organize some Testing Dojo meetings. Zbyszek who heads up the QA practice agreed and we’ve had a couple of Dojos so far. If you’ve not heard of Testing Dojo’s before, it is based on the concept of a Coding Dojo, i.e. a meeting where developers exercise their coding skills. Similarly, in a Testing Dojo, we have Testers who are keen to exercise their testing skills. The agenda/ mission could alternate between “Test This” mission where you simply test an application or a module while the “Learn new approaches” mission is focused on learning new testing techniques and “Evaluate tool” focuses on trying out a new tool that could later find its way into your practice.How does a Testing Dojo look like in Cognifide? Our Dojos take place during our weekly QA Meetings. Of course, we don’t always manage to have a Dojo but it somehow surfaces every other week or so. We usually test in pairs with one laptop per pair. So far, I have donned multiple roles as the Facilitator, Observer and Recorder in both dojos. The dojo starts with a brief presentation and ends with a summary on the whiteboard. It lasts anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes. Every Dojo is also saved as a pdf document and stored in our collaboration wiki. Pictures of the summary on the whiteboard and other Dojo artifacts are also included. In future, the Dojos will be forged into the blog posts, right here on the Cognifide Blog, so stay tuned! I will add that I’ve found a Testing Dojo interesting, educative and a worthwhile investment and I hope that based on your experiences with Testing Dojos, other Quality Analysts appreciate them just as much. Till the next time, I will aim to spice things up a bit by adding a couple of interesting missions for you to learn about. Till then, here are a few useful resources:
Author: Lukasz Morawski
Published: 08 September 2011

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