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22 June 2017Andrzej Dolinski

Last month we had the privilege to be involved in a QA event organised by Girls Who Test, an initiative that promotes testing to people looking for a career in software development. The event comprised of workshops and presentations, geared towards the 60 young 'Padawans' attending. A total of 30 mentors were also on site to share their experience and expertise with the group. This was the second edition of this event and, once again, we were proud to be involved.


The two day event kicked off with a workshop on exploratory testing. Exploratory testing is all about discovery, investigation and learning. It puts more emphasis on people, rather than process and simultaneously tests design and execution at the same time. The session looked at what it is and how  different mentors use exploratory testing in different companies and different situations. 

At Cognifide, exploratory testing is a technique that we use constantly in our daily work. We shared our best practices with tips and tricks on how to spot the weaknesses of a web page and identify bugs. We also showed students how to use Jira, one of the main tools that we use for recording issues in our daily work. 

The afternoon moved onto boundary values and equivalence relations. The basics of ISTQB certification were presented and then used in practice exercises, the first of which was a hotel booking app. ISTQB is the global qualifications scheme that is used as a reference point across the software testing profession. 


The second day of the event focused on scripted testing, looking specifically at how to write a test case. A test case is a set of steps and predictions which a tester uses to execute a software test.

We aren't huge fans of test cases, because we believe that exploratory and session based testing is preferable, However, we could still share our experience and became Consultants to the students as we looked at previously created test cases and tested a web page for astronomy fans. The teams tested analysed functionalities and found some issues, learning a huge amount from this workshop.


We're always looking to share our skills, expertise and experience, whether that's with our clients, our peers, the development community or the next generation of talent. We can't wait to see these students using their new knowledge in their daily work and improving their skills. Perhaps one day we'll get to work together.

In the meantime, may the force be with you, young Padawans.

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Author: Andrzej Dolinski
Published: 22 June 2017

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